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Instagram Marketing: Brands That Are Doing It Right

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Instagram has blossomed into more than just a platform for individuals to share their personal life via photos. It’s now become a major hub for businesses looking to showcase their products, build brand recognition, and sell directly to consumers. Some businesses, through innovative, creative, and consistent strategies, have flourished on Instagram, setting a high standard for Instagram marketing. This blog will highlight a few such brands that are acing Instagram marketing.

1. Nike

Any discussion around successful Instagram marketing would be incomplete without mentioning [@Nike]( Their Instagram strategy is a perfect blend of promoting products and communicating core messages. Not only does Nike have top-quality images and videos, but they also master the art of telling stories that resonate with their audience emotionally. They frequently post stirring stories about overcoming adversity, embracing diversity, and extreme sporting achievements.

2. Glossier

[@Glossier]( has gained a devoted following and remarkable success in the beauty industry by leveraging a digital-first marketing strategy. On Instagram, Glossier follows a ‘real’ and ‘relatable’ approach. They regularly feature images and stories from their customers using their products — user-generated content at its best. Their aesthetic is clean, millennial-friendly, and immediately recognizable, solidifying their brand identity.

3. Airbnb

[@Airbnb]( utilizes Instagram to showcase their various unique listings worldwide, sparking wanderlust in their followers. They mostly use user-generated content, featuring photos taken by guests of their Airbnb experiences. Additionally, their Instagram Stories highlight specific locations, providing travel inspiration and linking back directly to their booking website.

4. GoPro

[@GoPro]( is another brand that leverages user-generated content splendidly on Instagram. Their feed is crowded with impactful, thrilling visuals taken by GoPro users, which not only promotes their products but also creates a community. Their posts encourage more customers to share their GoPro-captured adventures, attracting a wide range of visual content from around the world.


Fashion brand [@ASOS]( uses Instagram seamlessly to engage with their community while showcasing products. They regularly feature their own products worn by ‘real’ people, not just models, under the popular hashtag #AsSeenOnMe. Moreover, ASOS’s use of Instagram shopping features provides a seamless shopping experience, linking products directly to their e-commerce site.

6. National Geographic

Renowned magazine brand [@NatGeo]( has embraced the power of Instagram to share their captivating visuals and stories. With a seamless mix of education and enlightenment, their posts often feature stunning photographs taken by their network of talented photographers, along with detailed captions packed with information and insights. Not only is each post visually pleasing, but it also leaves the audience more knowledgeable.

Conclusion of Instagram Marketing

In conclusion, Instagram marketing is about more than just displaying products. Brands are building communities, sharing inspiring stories, leveraging user-generated content, and virtually bringing the world closer together through assertive creativity.

A strong Instagram strategy combines a clear brand voice, engaging visuals, and seamless integration with broader marketing objectives. Every interaction on this platform is an opportunity to demonstrate to audiences what your brand is all about. Following the lead of these successful brands might just be the key to upping your Instagram game.

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